Consumer behaviour research

1. Consumer profile

  • Data on democraphics, household members, employment, education and household income

2. Consumer's current conditions

  • Current housing information /reason to choose/, problems & challenges
  • Satisfaction level of current housing
  • Future needs & trends - Buyer's needs & requirements /by duration,location, area & interested square/
  • Payment conditions & opportunities
  • Buying decision making factors  /Prestige of location, building & construction company/
  • Reason to change current house

3. Features of project location & building

  • Location and landscape suitable for purchase /nature, environment, school, kindergarten and etc./
  • Construction general planning /area, blocks & number of total apartments, of floors & of apartments per floor/
  • House exterior /construction design, facade colour, model, material & etc./
  • House Interior /design trend, interor design material choice/
  • Apartment layout, main and auxillary requirements (design, window view, fire and sanitary requirements/
  • Height of ceiling, window size, lobby area
  • Project landscape plan /playground, green area, open parking capacity, separating fence height, colour and design and etc./
  • Closed parking capacity & security
  • Information on commercial area /essentials and desired service centers/
  • Average expected price of houses that meet the requirement and needs of potential buyers
  • New marketing ideas, proposals, consultations and feedback channel 

4. Property management

  • Auxillary services required for housing & communal services  /call center, delivery & others/
  • Price setting for housing & communal services 

5. Marketing promotion

  • Information source
  • Impact of information to buying decision

Time to prepare:
30-45 days

Pricing & conditions:
From ₮10,000,000 to ₮20,000,000 depending on scope and rating