New Housing Market Data 2024.M02



1. Macro-Economic Environment

  • Key indicators of the macro-economic environment
  • Housing fund of Ulaanbaatar city, housing conditions of households
  • Housing affordability index
  • Housing price index
  • Residential rental price Index
  • Housing stock in use

2. Important Policies and Decisions Implemented by the Government in the Construction Sector

3. Key Mortgage Statistics

4. New Housing Market Data

  • Sale of used housing
  • Supply of new housing
  • New housing supply (by district and grade/rank)
  • New housing supply for each district, average, high and low price per square meter, occupancy rate, average price of location in the district, average sales rate
  • The average, high, and low price of 1 m2 of new housing supply, the percentage of occupancy, the average price for each grade/rank in the district, and the average sales percentage
  • Average, high and low price of 1 m2 during the period of commissioning, percentage of occupancy, average sales percentage
  • Supply of the top 15 neighborhoods by location and price
  • Average price of new housing
  • Average price of new housing by grade/rank and region
  • Varying price range of new housing
  • Projects worth more than 4 million tugrik
  • Projects that is worth 2 million tugrik
  • The sale of apartments for which orders are being taken; by the time of completion and by grade/rank
  • The number of sales, the size of the area and the price of the apartment being ordered
  • Remaining unsold apartments

Date coverage

As of to last month

Time to prepare

1-2 business days

Report format

Excel format

  • Энэхүү үнэ нь НӨАТ агуулсан үнэ болно
  • Жилээр гэрээ хийвэл 10 хувийн хөнгөлөлт үзүүлнэ

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