International development consulting-project solutions


As for International development consulting firm,

Tenkhleg zuuch LLC is consulting firm, working for effective operations of the clients and great impact for the society. We have provided services to more than 50 internationally and domestically funded projects, and have worked with government agencies, private sector entities and major development agencies, including ADB, WB, GIZ, European Investment bank, and JICA.

Our consultant team is committed to continuous improvement through the attainment of quality standards. We are organized to ensure our clients benefit fully from our commitment to excellence. , we use our distinctive capabilities, deep expertise, and innovative delivery methods to achieve rapid and lasting impact.

Our expertise covers a wide range of development activities including: 


  • Project Management and Institutional Development
  • Information and Communication Technology Solutions
  • Urban and Rural Development Planning
  • Housing and Real estate
  • Agriculture, Livestock and Food Security
  • Industry and trade development
  • Social Development and Poverty
  • Climate change, carbon calculations and energy audit

Proposed Consulting Services are:

Project management

  • Project Administration Support
  • Institutional Development and Capacity building
  • Planning and Feasibility study
  • Database management-IT solutions
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Public engagement

  • Communications and Advocacy
  • Community Led Development

Business development

  • Small and Medium Enterprises Development
  • Product Supply Chain management
  • Marketing and Content Processing


  • Market Research
  • Socio-Economic surveys
  • Sociological surveys
  • Due diligence

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